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Losing a loved one can be an emotional and stressful time, which is why we always aim to help families deal with their affairs in a friendly, compassionate and efficient manner.

This can be a complex process that requires executors, be they an appointed family member, friend or trusted professional adviser, to file various pieces of information about the deceased’s legal, financial and taxation affairs related to their estate.

We are here to assist executors by providing an efficient service and keeping you informed in the process of applying for probate/letters of administration.

If Inheritance Tax is due this must be paid within six months of death and the Inheritance Tax Return must be submitted within 12 months of death to avoid penalties. Without the payment of Inheritance Tax, an application for probate cannot be made.

We can help to reduce the stress and burden of probate and estate administration by dealing with all matters on behalf of executors. We can really expediate this process where we acting as accountants and tax advisors to the person who has passed away, as we will typically have much of the information needed already to hand.

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