Why Work with Grunberg & Co. Probate Services Limited?


Probate services have traditionally been the domain of the legal profession, but a growing number of clients are turning to their accountants and tax advisers for help.

Given our considerable skillset and experience dealing with estates and tax, we are often in a better position to assist clients with the probate process than many solicitors.

Here are a few reasons why you may choose our specialists over a solicitor:

  • We are held to the same standards as legal professionals, ensuring you will receive the same level of service and advice in relation to probate and estate administration
  • As a full-service accountancy practice, we have a wider breadth of knowledge on certain issues such as business succession, company valuations, forensic accounting and much more
  • We can help your executor deal with any outstanding tax returns and liabilities using our in-depth tax knowledge
  • We can include ‘notes of intention’ on Inheritance Tax regarding why certain gifts were made – which is helpful if a Will is contested
  • If you are an existing client, we already have your financial information to hand for tax planning purposes – so we don’t have to start from scratch
  • Last, but not least – as accountants our invoicing is based on the work done and not the value of the estate, which could lead to substantial savings.

To help you learn more about our probate services please download our free Guide to Probate or contact us.