Probate service


Grunberg & Co Probate Services Ltd provides a bespoke service in dealing with a deceased estate and as such reduces the cost to the estate. In our experience we find that executors are happy to deal with certain aspects of probate application and administration.

Since each estate is unique as is the executor dealing with it and each individual is comfortable with certain aspects, we have provided a breakdown of the services which you may prefer us to deal with on your behalf:

  1. Preparation of the income tax return(s) up to date of death.
  2. Preparing the inheritance tax return by obtaining probate values of assets.
  3. Assistance provided to executors to obtain information required to complete the inheritance tax return.
  4. Review of Will to ensure it is tax efficient and were possible recommend a deed of variation to reduce the inheritance tax liability and plan for the next generation.
  5. The inheritance tax return and probate application will be completed and submitted by Grunberg Probate Services Ltd.
  6. Once the Grant of Probate is received than place statutory notices of death in the London Gazette and the local papers.
  7. We can open an executor bank account, take control of and gather in the assets of the estate. Pay the debts of the estate including tax liabilities.
  8. Finalise the estate tax by completing the administration period tax returns.
  9. Pay legacies and transfer the balance to the residuary beneficiaries; and
  10. Prepare estate accounts.

After the executor has received the Grant of Probate, they may want to deal the rest/part of the aspects of the estate themselves but they can come to us for guidance and assistance, which is provided on time cost basis.

We can provide estimated fee at the meeting depending on the extent of the involvement of the executor and the complexity of the estate.

In our experience, we have found that executors would prefer to deal with the aspects 6 to 8 with some guidance from us if required, and come back to us to complete the administration period tax returns and estate accounts.

We aim to get the inheritance tax return completed within 6 months of death to establish the inheritance tax liability which becomes payable. Usually, gathering information and to complete the returns can take up to 3 months but this sometimes is not possible if investment information is not readily available. The time taken by HM Revenue and customs to deal with the inheritance tax return and probate application has increased recently with the process taking three months or more.

How long does the process take?

From the date of appointment and depending on the time taken to collate the information for the Inheritance Tax return forms the process may take between one and four months for the forms to be finalised and filed with HMRC.

Once Inheritance Tax is paid, we have to wait 20 working days after HMRC has received the Inheritance Tax Return forms before an application for probate is made.

This is to ensure that the probate summary is emailed by HMRC to the Probate Office. The Probate Office may take up to 25 working days to deal with the application and may take longer if there is a Lasting Power of Attorney.

We will be able to advise on the time the application process may take when we do the work, however neither HMRC nor the Probate Office can provide a guaranteed turnaround time, since it is dependent on their existing workload.